Friday, February 16, 2007

Records from NY

Here are the delightful $.99 records I picked up.
Each one is a gem and I squealed with rapture at the price!
I selected each one solely on the cover and I love all the expressions they just make me want to draw.


Kent B said...

Hi, Barbie

Thanks for looking at my blog - Wow! you have a really cool blog here - Vernon Grant & de la Neziere are terrific artists! It's so exciting to discover a new really good artist - Each artist has their own unique way of looking at the world - it's all so mind expanding! I've seen Bilibin's art in some soviet-era fairy tale books - More greatness!

Kent B said...

Well I dug up the Bilibin books - The books I have are paperback, about 9" x 12"- printed in Moscow in 1976 (But they're in English) - I've got 3 titles: Vassilissa the Beautiful, Marya Morevna, and The Frog Princes Looks like a lot of the same pictures you have.

Phillip Skeen said...


Found you through a comment you posted on John K's blog. Dig the record covers. Nostalgic.